The yearly all in one calendar of Laser regattas 


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Eurilca is taking care of many regattas and collects all the results in the Eurilca Ranking list system, where all regattas are counted.

A regatta it can be organized by a Sailing club and the results of this regatta can be eligible just for the regatta itself or count in a national /district ranking, or count in an international ranking.

All of those regattas are listed in the Archive of regattas to count. 

The principal regattas in Europe are the European Championships, the Europa Cup Series, District Championships, and the National District Championship. For the Euro Masters, sailors must be at least 35 years old in the current year to compete in a special circuit called the Masters Series and the European Master Championship.

There is the Europa Cup Series, 20 regattas are constituting a series and have a special dedicated ranking.

Click here for the website pages dedicated to the:

European Championships

Euromaster regattas

Europa Cup Regattas

The Global Regattas Archive

The Regattas Archive

The Regattas Archive is collecting all the regattas counted in the Eurilca Ranking List in a huge data base. It works worldwide. Each country can made an application to list here a regatta and store results .

When you enter in the archive you have a remind: at the beginning, the data base is showing you the future regattas. If you want to have a look on the already sailed regattas, please change the dates with the select tool system at  the top of the page. You can select by date, but also by country or importance of the regatta.

Click on the name of each regatta (in blue) to have the key information about the regattas. at the end of the line you will have the symbol to get the list of entriìyes or the results.