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Eurilca has been constituted at 2013 European Annual general Meeting in Geneva (SUI) the November 30th. 

The office is administered by a team of volunteers playing the roles of Chairman, vice Chairman, Treasurer and a Master coordinator. They are helped by secretaries.

Eurilca is based in Switzerland.

The Eurilca is coordinating the 42 europeans countries, but of course needs the help of other volonteers: the District officers. The complete team is presented in the "team" page of this website.

EurILCA is the European Region of ILCA, the Secretary at office, and the Executives are serving the European Districts for the best organization of European events. EurILCA issues the guidelines, the agreement draft, the Notice of race (NOR) and the Sailing Instructions (Sis); takes the responsibilities for secretarial and administrative regulatory aspects linked to the sailors and to the regatta management.

EurILCA manages the calendar and entries of eachEuropean Championship, Europa Cup Regatta, publishes NOR, Sis, regatta results, supports the Organization Committee with secretarial and communication services.


Eurilca is ready to cooperate with sponsors. Please contact us to evaluate any project. 


Golden Book

Officers Story in the European Region - under costruction and revision

Entity Period Chairman Vice Chairman Master coordinator Treasurer
EurILCA 2013 Jean Luc Michon Macrino Macri Luc Dumonceau Gisele Luther Velutaz
ILCA 2012 Jean Luc Michon Macrino Macri Luc Dumonceau  
ILCA 2011 Calle Lindfors Laszlo Matyas Luc Dumonceau  
ILCA -2010 Jean Luc Michon Ahmet Ediblogu Luc Dumonceau  
ILCA   Heini Wellmann Ahmet Ediblogu Luc Dumonceau  
ILCA   Hermann Cornelius   Luc Dumonceau  
ILCA   Paul De Jonge van Ellemet Gunter Morawez Luc Dumonceau  
ILCA       Luc Dumonceau  















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