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             2016 Ranking List Results

2016 Europa Cup Trophy winners 
Laser 4.7 Girls
Laser 4.7 Boys
Radial Girls
Radial Boys

The Europa Cup changes the scoring point system.

The scoring point system used during last 3 years (coming from the former ISAF ranking list 2012) has been replaced with the minimal score. Therefore now wins who has the lower sum of the best 3 minimal score points got at 4 (four) races sailed during the 2016  based on your final position: 0, 1, 2, 3 etc....

Four races will be counted and it will be mandatory to sail at least one "grade 0" Europa Cup regattas this year in France, Germany, Holland. Please have look at the Notice of Race and Standard Sailing Instructions here and at the Europa cup chapter at the left side menu.

The Sailing instruction has been changed also: where only one discard will be allowed also if you sail more than 7 races. 

Enjoy your sailing time in 2016 !