How the ranking lists works.

The ranking list has a huge potential because is not only a rank, but gives you your career story, also with a graph.

The Ranking works on 3 levels.

  1. The Trophy, where all the regatta are counting.
  2. The Sailing Club ranking list, where the sum of the  scores of the 3 best ranked sailors of the same club sailing in the same class are resulting in  a new score, ranking the clubs.
  3. The Europa Cup, where only the Europa Cup are counting every year staring from zero. That has been planned for 2015.
  4. There it will be soon the a ranking for sub regions, where groups of countries will can compete between them because linked by the same geographycal area. Roughly as North east, South east, Nort west, South west. That has been planned for 2015.

The ranking works in parallel with the age definitions for each class, therefore you will can filter the sailors by age and have them grouped as under 16, under 18, or Master, Great Grand masters, etc.

The Ranking lists counts the final position taken by each sailor and processes this with many compensation indexes.

That is imprtant because veryone can understand that is important to comare apples with apples, and that is not so easy when we work in aso big and complex community. All the rules are clearly and technically e√¨xplained here below in the pdf attached file. 

How the ranking score point works.

Here you have also the possibilty to use a symulator. Please download and play with it. From HERE

How to read it

At the left side you have the choices: there is easy to understand how to reads the results in the Trophy (red color bands) or the Europa Cup (Yellow color band) or for the Sailig Club ranking: blue colo band.

That is at international level. But you can also decide to see only the results of the sailor of your or any other country/district, or have a rank for counting only the regattas sailed in your country/ district. That is the function of the "COUNT ONLY" filter.

Additionally you can search for only one sailor, typing his name in the "FIND A SAILOR" box.

Clicking on the Score details yellow button at the right bottom of the results box of each competitor, you will see how the score has been calculated.

Is important to note that in mixed races (Radial M & F) each one has been replaced.