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I'm registered twice with a wrong ISAF Sailor ID and I'm losing score points.

Please send us a mail at ranking(at)eurilca.org listing tre regatta that have to be moved to the correct ISAF Sailor ID and decisdes, please, what is the ISAF Sailor ID has to be removed.

I've sailed a race, but the results are not assigned to my account.

That happens when you have made the entry not by the eurilca website or when the Race committe has not used the file issued by the eurilca website, or when you are entering in delay, at the venue. Additionally it can happen that the race committee has made a typo mistake. Easy to solve: please show us at the ranking(at)eurilca org, the issue and showing us where the ranking of the regatta is published or sent us a copy. In short time your position will be allocated.

I don't find my scores. The ranks puts me in the wrong sex list.

Please notice us this issue. it will be solved quickly.