Eurilca quad 150 SURVEY 1 2015 150 

A survey has been performed to check if there is a preference to decrease the number of discards in the races. .


The text of the survey

Since the early beginning of the Laser Class sailing there was a rule for the discards allowed in the Europa Cup Regattas: one discard will be given once you have sailed at least 4 races; a second discard when you have raced at least 8 races.
We need to consider that this rule was applied to manage the results in a softer way, because those regattas are also for beginners. At the Worlds and Europeans, only one discard is allowed, also after 12 regattas, is a professional stronger interpretation.
Now we have the opportunity to choose what we prefer.
- Or maintaining the original rule where there is the first discard at the fourth sailed race and a second at the 8th sailed race,
-  or switch to a single discard for the entire regatta given only when at least 4 races are sailed.
SURVEY 1 2015
Sailors preferred to maintain the current application of the discard rule.
July 2015