EAGM Paris 250

The European annual general meeting of Eurilca was held last saturday and sunday in Paris and was hosted by the French Laser class (AFL).  18 districts from the European region were represented

(Germany, Poland, Israel, Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Italy, UK, Ireland, Portugal, France, Nederlands, Belguim, Romania, Austria, Croatia and Hungary)  The full Eurilca staff also attend the meeting with Emily Argall and Sarah Labaied, Eurilca secretaries and Nils Palmieri Eurilca accounter.

Descisions for 2015 were taken and also confirmation for 2016 European championships, plus selection of 2017 Europeans championships.

The executive committee was reelected with Gisèle Luther as Treasurer, Macrino Macri as vice-chairman, Luc Dumonceau as master coordinator and Jean-Luc Michon as Eurilca chairman. The 2015 Eagm will be held in Athens (Greece) the last weekend of november 2015.